Audi chooses quality by premiering FranceTV Publicité’s “QRP Replay” offer
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Until May 26th, Audi, advised by its agency Re-mind PHD, is premiering FranceTV Publicité's new "QRP Replay" offer.

At a time when new cookieless strategies, based on the strong appeal of premium content, are on the rise, FranceTV Publicité provides brands with its expertise via its Quality Rating Point (QRP) index*.

Created in 2019, the QRP has already proven its worth to advertisers, delivering +20% perception of brand quality, and +8% sales.**

Through its “QRP Replay” offer, FranceTV Publicité is focusing on context quality to maximize the impact of digital communication. In addition, it is now taking things a step further by guaranteeing its partners a QRP of over 140 for all the offer’s contexts.

Thanks to this unique digital solution, the commercial featuring the Audi RS e-tron GT will be broadcast as a pre-roll ad for programs such as: Rendez-vous en terre inconnue (QRP 178), Des Racines et Des Ailes (QRP 176) and Échappées belles (QRP 165).

*Based on Quali TV, a qualitative barometer run by Harris Interactive for over 10 years, and measuring program quality for 13 TV channels in France from the viewer experience perspective. As an excellence indicator, the QRP makes use of 3 criteria: satisfaction, interest and recommendation.

**Percentage of effective campaigns among those tested for the criteria studied (turnover)

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