FranceTV Publicité places DATA at the heart of its digital system thanks to its francetv data and the implementation of a DMP from 2015 in coordination with France Télévisions.

It’s about getting to know its audience better to optimise advertisement targeting.

With several hundreds of Data digital campaigns sold every year and more than 70 active segments, FranceTV Publicité offers segments that meet the needs of its advertisers.

Marketing service

francetv data offers 3 digital solutions using which its clients can communicate more efficiently: datalife, dataconso, datapartner.

All services are available in all formats (video and display), on all screens (desktop, mobile and tablet) and are also accessible via all purchase channels (direct and programmatic sale).

  • Analysis of video, display, mobile audiences.
  • Classification of target groups according to their lifestyles and/or their interests areas (feel good, art lover, tech addict, sport fan, young mum).
  • Ad hoc creation of target groups according to customer needs.
  • Collaboration with retail partners and access to the best third-party databases.
  • Selection of consumer target groups on TV or from different pre-identified consumer profiles (traveller, e-buyer, potential credit users, etc.).
  • Ad hoc creation of new profiles.
  • Customer knowledge: the advertiser has an overview of media consumption habits of its users thanks to several France Télévisions verticals.
  • Performance with retargeting service.
  • Creation of new audience using the ‘statistical twins’ methodology.