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By clicking on “Send”, you accept that the information collected on this form will be used by France Télévisions Publicité to send you alerts. The data collected will be passed on to the Communication Department of France Télévisions Publicité. This data is kept for 3 years following your last contact with France Télévisions Publicité. You have the following rights with regard to your personal data: right of access, right to rectification, right to erasure, right to object, right to restrict processing, right to data portability and right to post-mortem guidelines. These rights may be exercised at any time by writing to our Data Protection Officer at the following address: If you feel that your “Data Processing and Liberties” rights have been infringed, you can file a complaint with the CNIL (French National Commission on Informatics and Liberty). Mandatory information is marked with an asterisk on the form.