Novelas TV

  • Key figures
10 nd
most viewed local commercial channel by women
10 rd
in Martinique
Source: Médiamétrie Métridom / April-June 2019 (Guadeloupe, Martinique) April May 2019 (Guyana) September 2018 (NC)

NOVELAS TV, a 100% telenovelas channel

Launched in 2015, NOVELAS TV channel is specialized in telenovelas.

The best keywords to describe the telenovelas universe would be: love, glory, beauty, money, lies & betrayals!

Every day from 4:00 p.m, new episodes of every series are aired on NOVELAS TV.

The channel records unbelievable play times owing to a singular programming, which meets viewers’ expectations and thus creates a real engagement with each episode (Each day: 161 minutes in Guadeloupe, 179 minutes in Martinique, 163 minutes in Guiana and 116 minutes in New Caledonia).

In Guadeloupe, Guiana and New Caledonia, NOVELAS TV is the 2nd most local commercial channel viewed by women and 3rd in Martinique.

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