FranceTV Publicité launches “ADspace entreprises”, the purchasing platform dedicated to VSEs/SMEs
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A two-part revolution has opened the door to all very small enterprises (VSEs) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), finally providing access to TV advertising: first, the advent of Segmented TV and its potential, and, second, a new tool with the launch of “ADspace entreprises”.

FranceTV Publicité, the first French advertising network to have deployed its service offering for segmented TV, “”, in November 2020, and that has already scheduled more than 50 campaigns, opens a new chapter with the launch of “ADspace entreprises”.

The network continues to capitalize on its territorial presence and local expertise, as well as on its innovation strategy, which for several years has targeted the simplification of customer relations via its ADspace platform.

Thanks to “ADspace entreprises”, advertisers who are not television experts can create a comprehensive and targeted campaign simply, rapidly and on their own in just three steps.


1/ Targeted campaign design starting at €5,000, based on geographic coverage (local or national), for segmented TV on the linear channels of France Télévisions and/or France 3 Régions. Advertisers may also activate household qualification targeting criteria.

2/ Ad creation for advertisers who do not have any, thanks to four service levels and collaboration with local creative agency partners.

3/ Online payment via a secure system.


During the test phase, three representative advertisers who tried the first beta version of “ADspace entreprises” provided their feedback: Hoomy (Loire-Atlantique), Centre Départemental Tourisme (Haute-Vienne) and AFPCVL* (Centre-Val de Loire).

* Regional association of departmental fishing and aquatic protection federations of the Centre Val de Loire

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