FranceTV Publicité launches its web-series “Virtual Odysseys”
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FranceTV Publicité projects itself into 2035 and imagines the media and advertising universe in the Metavers.​

Discover the 1st episode of our web-series "Virtual Odysseys"!​

The virtual, more than a reality

Web 3.0 is more than an idea:

Your children, like your youngest talent, are already there!

It’s a trusted, immersive social movement.

Where creators are rightfully rewarded for the value they produce.


Soon we won’t be “on” the internet anymore, but rather “in” the internet.

In a world open to conversation and connection.

Where physical and virtual spaces merge.

Where we will interact with the whole planet in real time.


Because the metaverse isn’t defined or limited

by its graphics or its clones.

But the intensity of the immersion

depends on our engagement and our interactions.


An avatar isn’t an illusion.

Cognitively and emotionally, it is part of us.

It communicates our emotions in all their intensity

to authentically share culture, sport or entertainment in this ecosystem.


Public media isn’t disconnected from the younger generations.

On the contrary: it is adapting its future experiences, its heritage and its missions

to connect with them via this immense potential

and use it to hold their full attention.


In the metaverse, we won’t just duplicate the world of advertising

Fully integrated, it will be augmented by the “value of immersive attention”

In the service of media outlets and brands, the challenge will be to measure it

so that a new, sustainable and high-quality economy of connection can emerge.

The world is changing. And so is advertising.

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