Museum TV picks FranceTV Publicité to market its advertising spaces
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FranceTV Publicité is delighted to announce that, as of January 1st 2021, it will be the exclusive French advertising partner of Museum TV, the first entirely art-dedicated TV channel.

Museum TV, owned by the SECOM group, alongside MyZen TV and Melody, both already working with FranceTV Publicité, is a unique channel offering visual art-based entertainment, discovery and news.

The channel’s mission is to cater for the needs of art lovers, while also appealing to as wide an audience as possible using an accessible and playful approach.

Distributed via Canal, Freebox and Orange TV packages, Museum TV has impressive monthly ratings of 1,450,000 viewers aged 4 and over.

The addition of Museum TV enriches the thematic offering of FranceTV Publicité, the leading advertising network in the thematic channels universe with more than 28 million viewers each month*.

*Source: Médiamétrie Médiamat’Thématik W39 (30/12/2019- 14/06/2020)

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