Nearly 17 million viewers on the FranceTV Publicité thematic universe
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FranceTV Publicité boasts nearly 17 million monthly viewers of its thematic channels in France and is now in the top 3 thematic advertising networks, following Médiamat’Thématik’s publication of Survey 43 on Tuesday 12 July.

FranceTV Publicité is the number 1 TV advertising network for kids*, reaching 2 million viewers in the 4-10 years old target (49.5% of the target audience share) monthly.

With its diversified offering of thematic channels, the network allows you to target different worlds:


Drama, with 1.8 million viewers on the 25-49 yo on SYFY, 13ÈME RUE and Warner TV.

Kids, with nearly 3 million viewers on the 4-14 yo on Boing, Boomerang, Boomerang+1, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Disney Channel +1, Disney Junior and France 4.


The world of discovery, with nearly 1.2 million viewers on the 25-49 yo on National Geographic and National Geographic Wild.


Millennials, with 0.8 million viewers on the 15-34 yo on E!, Toonami and Trace Urban.


Sports, with 0.6 million viewers on the 25-49 yo on MGG TV and Sport en France.

Médiamétrie Médiamat’Thématik V43 (03/01/22- 19/06/2022)

Coverage in % calculated on the basis of individuals aged 4 and over receiving television via satellite, ADSL, cable or optical fiber * Youth universe on thematic channels (including France 4).

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