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1 M
viewers (4 years old and above) for “L’émission pour la Terre” on 15/10/19
+ 10 k
views for the video clips of the 1st report by Hugo Clément on behalf of France tv slash
(related to the annual slaughtering of Dolphins at Faroe Islands)

10 %
programmes on eco-products from now to 2022

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France Télévisions is committed to environment sustainability!

Reflection of our society through numerous programmes, newspapers and news magazines, France Télévisions plays an important role in explaining, interpreting and analysing the major issues of our time. Today, environmental protection is, without a doubt, one of the greatest challenges faced by humanity today. It is at the heart of citizens’ expectations and emerges as the primary concern for 15-34 year-olds, as expressed during the citizen survey on public television. That is why France Télévisions wished to get more involved and take the necessary steps.