Rugby World Cup France 2023 from September 8 to October 28
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France Télévisions will have exclusive broadcasting rights to 10 of the Rugby World Cup France 2023

France Télévisions press release – January 11, 2023

France Télévisions is delighted to announce that it will be broadcasting 10 Rugby World Cup games live and exclusively, including France vs. Namibia.

This agreement comes after the TF1 Group ceded certain broadcasting rights and gives France Télévisions, a long-time rugby partner, the exclusive rights to broadcast 10 games  of the 2023 World Cup live on its channels and platforms.

France Télévisions will also have access to clips from all the games during this marquee event for use in the Group’s magazines and news broadcasts.

France Télévisions is the official broadcaster of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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