Terms 2022


The worst of the crisis seems to be behind us, but it is not over and no one knows what 2022 has in store. What is absolutely clear, however, is that the time for building back and recovery has come. In 2022, at FranceTV Publicité, we are determined to support you in this process.

How will this recovery be achieved? First, through our ability to make consumption desirable again. But also, because the world has changed, through our ability to meet new societal expectations. According to the exclusive study we conducted with IPSOS in 2021, 76% of those questioned have more confidence in brands and companies whose commitments they share. Our proposal is therefore the following: to move together towards a new level of performance that can rise to these emerging challenges.

Building a more sustainable world together is our first shared goal. In 2022, we will create even more space for Responsibility, by doubling the number of our affinity and impactful slots reserved for the most environmentally friendly products and approaches, which 83% of those surveyed recognized as being capable of raising awareness. In 2022, we will also offer you exclusive services to measure your brand items related to CSR.

Putting our proximity to local territories at your service is our second promise. That which is local has become central: whether you are a national or 100% regional advertiser, taking ownership at a local level has become a key performance challenge. By proposing the first regional 5-slot offer, by providing you with new targets that correspond to the reality of everyday life in France and by simplifying the purchase of segmented TV for retail networks, we will work with you to achieve this new level of performance.

Finally, because the uncertainty of the economic situation requires us to be even more agile and efficient, we will continue to innovate to further. Simplify the purchasing process with our ADspace platform, and make an even stronger commitment, by your side, to your business objectives.

The times we are living through are full of contradictions: there is both the necessity of dealing with the new consumption criteria based on sustainable practices and shorter supply chains, and the importance of responding to the urgent matter of economic recovery. We are here to help you navigate this complex situation successfully.

The world is changing. So is advertising.

Marianne Siproudhis – CEO of FranceTV Publicité