“The world is changing. So is advertising.”
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"The world is changing. So is advertising." FranceTV Publicité's new slogan with Altmann+Pacreau.

FranceTV Publicité, after its previous campaigns focusing on advertising efficiency and program quality, is fully committed to promoting economic recovery and is therefore launching a new communication campaign around meaningful and responsible consumption.

The campaign, created and produced by the Altmann+Pacreau agency, kicks off today digitally with a 1-minute film.

With the world facing an unprecedented public health crisis, the film draws a playful parallel between two very different items that both proved, in their own way, to be incredibly precious during lockdown. One of these items is the unlikely hero of the last few months: the humble pack of flour. The other is public service television, which has been an invaluable and daily support to French people and their families as they battle through these difficult times.

The film concludes by announcing FranceTV Publicité’s new tagline: “The world is changing. So is advertising.”

A second film will be released at the beginning of the new school year, and will focus on virtuous advertising. Virtuous advertising aims to stimulate desire and boost spending, while at the same time accurately informing consumers about the impact of products and communicating on environmental and social issues.

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