Unity and responsibility
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Right from the start of this unprecedented and very challenging crisis I have dedicated all my efforts to supporting teams and advertisers in the best way possible.

Analyzing the situation, I believe that the current climate of uncertainty is here to stay. 

Firstly, because we may see another rise in the number of cases.

And secondly, because this crisis not only heralds but is likely to accelerate a genuine upheaval in consumer behavior that has been on the horizon for some time.

A lot has happened during the last few weeks. 

We have witnessed amazing generosity and frugality in new initiatives, innovations and collaborations. On the other hand, we have also seen face masks stolen from the runways of Chinese airports.

France Télévisions has rallied round like never before.

In April we attracted an average of nearly 52 million viewers each week, including nearly 11 million viewers under 35 years of age. This is a well-deserved recognition of all our editorial initiatives as well as our teams’ outstanding commitment. I am very proud of our teams and of the public service provided.

As we prepare to enter a new phase and come out of the lockdown, I am confident in the future of television. There may be an ever increasing number of platforms, but TV audiences are unmatched and have never been higher. TV is truly fulfilling its role of bringing people together and in doing so reveals all its strength, creativity and agility. It is also proving that it appeals to younger age groups. TV informs, explains, entertains, educates, cultivates and supports all French people, whatever their age or background.

I want to see our company working alongside advertisers to help them get back to business, as a proper recovery is essential for all sectors affected by the lockdown. I want them to know that, with France Télévisions, they will find audiences ready to support them, along with programs that will strive to build on the very best of what we have seen over the last few weeks: solidarity, altruism, caring for others, lively debate, and so forth. And I am certain that consumers will be even more attentive to brand commitments in the future. We want to uphold and build on these commitments alongside them.

At a time when the search for meaning has never been more important, France Télévisions will continue to act for the common good and FranceTV Publicité is determined to be a key player in supporting businesses’ recovery.

Just as private health clinics have worked with public hospitals in an unprecedented and remarkable way, I would like to invite our sector to come together and do everything it can to help. We will only succeed together. And it is only through cooperation that we will be able to provide the best possible service to advertisers. Now is not the time to try to undermine others. Market share must be gained through program quality, an area in which each of us has a role to play. Advertising not only finances the creation of programs on both public and private broadcasters, it is also an investment in the economy of the future, something we all rely on. And we intend to do our bit to help, with pride and determination.

The world is changing, TV is changing and so is advertising.


CEO – FranceTV Publicité

[Tribune- 100% Média – 5 mai 2020]

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