Volkswagen becomes a partner of the new France 2 short program “One minute to commit”, produced by Brut.
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Since March 7th, France 2 has been broadcasting “Une minute pour s’engager” (One minute to commit) every Sunday at 8:45 pm. This new short program is produced by Brut., the 100% video news media, working alongside the Lab, the FranceTV Publicité unit dedicated to special operations.

“Une minute pour s’engager”, puts the spotlight on women and men who have a project, an initiative or simply everyday routines reflecting a desire to transform our world, and ensure it is free of waste, carbon and CO2 emissions.

The participants discuss the nature of their project and their reasons for embarking on it, before concluding on a positive note concerning their expectations for the future.

This short program is also an opportunity to introduce viewers to some of the people and initiatives brought to light by Brut over the past few years.

Volkswagen is the exclusive sponsor of “Une minute pour s’engager”. This short program is part of the strategy shared with Re-Mind PHD, the brand’s media consulting agency. It is perfectly in line with the Volkswagen brand’s commitments. In response to the Paris Climate Agreement, Volkswagen has launched its “Way to Zero” strategy to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. This initiative involves the launch of new 100% electric products. It is also reflected, throughout its logistics (manufacturing, materials, recycling) and distribution, by the use of renewable energy in production facilities, by a green energy offer for customers through the partnership with EDF, and by investment in battery recycling.

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