#WORLDTVDAY – November 21st 2021

World Television Day celebrates today’s TV around the globe

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TV companies around the world celebrate World Television Day on 21 November to remind us of television’s continuous and profound transformation to become TV, a Total Video experience. As part of the annual United Nations initiative, a 30 second-spot will be broadcast and shared online worldwide as an invitation to discover it all.

Tomorrow’s TV, created today

For this special edition – the 25th anniversary of the initiative launched by the UN in 1996 – World Television Day celebrates a truth that holds around the globe: TV has evolved to become much more than it used to be. TV is now available at all times, at home and on the go, across all screens – large or small – live or streamed; offering both collective and feel-like-me experiences. TV is also measurable, connected, personalised and targetable. 

For more information, please visit http://www.worldtelevisionday.com 

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