2022 Tour de France: CSR, Proximity and Innovation on the FranceTV Publicité Offer Program
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With just 84 days before the start of the Tour de France in Denmark on July 1st, France Télévisions is getting into gear and will be offering viewers an exceptional way to watch the entire Grande Boucle free-to-air exclusively on its channels and digital platforms.

New this year: the Women’s Tour de France is back after 33 years, marking a new era for women’s cycling. It will be one of the first Women’s World Tour races to have its own competition week, right after the Men’s Tour de France. Its entry into the cycling landscape should propel women’s cycling to the forefront of the international scene.

FranceTV Publicité is offering its partners the opportunity to place their brand at the heart of the race by sponsoring ever more engaging and innovative features:


A unique and impactful experience that will combine digital and field operations

FranceTV Publicité, in partnership with the startup Play’Ads, will launch a life-size phygital treasure hunt in the heart of Lille, a stage city of the Tour de France. Participants will experience a true urban adventure where they will have to find and scan QR Codes found on markers distributed throughout the city which will lead them to the advertiser’s store. This promises to be a fun and engaging drive-to-store experience.


“Au tour de Florent”, a new web series on france.tv

Florent Dabadie, sports journalist and geography enthusiast, will take viewers with him to discover unusual places on the Tour’s routes, just like the original content he offered viewers during the Olympic Games on the JO Club program in Tokyo.


Commercials adapted to the French departments along the route

Advertisers will be able to broadcast their segmented TV campaign for the departments crossed by cyclists in real time thanks to operator data. This is an opportunity to adapt their communication to be even more relevant and efficient.


Impression donations with Goodvertising

The Goodvertising offer will allow advertisers to donate a share of the impressions generated by their digital advertising campaign to an association that promotes the values of sport. This donation will give the association the opportunity to communicate on its actions & commitments around france.tv’s sports content.


In 2021, 42 million viewers watched the Tour de France on France Télévisions*, an all-time record, and 12.6 million videos were viewed on France TV platforms**.

* Médiamétrie – Restit’TV / 60 non-consecutive seconds

** Médiamétrie –  eStat

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