6 advertisers get new #comSOLIDAIRE offer off the ground
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6 advertisers get FranceTV Publicité’s new #comSOLIDAIRE offer off the ground

Last week, FranceTV Publicité launched a communication package to play its part during this difficult period. It supports foundations and socially responsible companies that have decided to do their bit by making their usually fee-paying services available to the French public free of charge.

The package supports foundations and companies by entitling them to a week’s free access to part of the TV and digital advertising inventories marketed by FranceTV Publicité.

Alan, Co-llectif, Croix-Rouge, FNAC, Fondation One o One and Pedagoj are the first 6 brands, foundations and services to take advantage of FranceTV Publicité’s special offer, available since 24 March.


The following brands and services are now available free of charge:

– Alan: Digital health insurance, providing free health and well-being services to all who require it.

– Co-llectif: Platform connecting volunteers with those in need of help shopping for basic necessities.

– Croix-Rouge: A number people can call to ‘chat and get help with deliveries’.

– FNAC: 1000 e-books available for free.

– Fondation One O One: Fundraising to finance research, training of nursing staff and support for patients in intensive care.

– Pedagoj: Free access for all schools to online educational services for the purpose of distance learning.


FranceTV Publicité will shortly be launching new communication initiatives to continue supporting companies and help them through these testing times.

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