13ÈME RUE / 13th Street France

  • Key figures
1 M
viewers each month
1 st
pay TV channel
among SFR subscribers 4+*

Strong affinity with women (ind.148) and 50 + (ind.149)

Source: Médiamat’Thématik W39/ Global audience / Coverage base 4+ / Evolution vs W38

Profile per age base 4+, per category base 15+ / Affinity and gender base 15+

The deadliest serial killers and the finest police officers can be found on 13EME RUE

13ème RUE is the channel for thrillers and major detective series! Crime, suspense, action, on 13ème RUE you can find all the series and films that thrill thriller fans.



Target Theme packs: Premium and Women

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