Outre-Mer 1ère Radio

OUTREMER 1ère: The 1st audiovisual network of overseas territories

OutreMer 1ère is the top audiovisual group of overseas territories with one television channel, one radio station and a complete range of digital services (websites, mobile websites and applications), in each of the 9 French overseas territories.

The name of each territory is present in the station names: Guadeloupe la 1ère, Guyane la 1ère, Martinique la 1ère, Mayotte la 1ère, Nouvelle Calédonie la 1ère, Polynésie la 1ère, Réunion la 1ère, Saint Pierre et Miquelon la 1ère, Wallis et Futuna la 1ère.

  • Key figures
(13+ years) per day
10 %
Audience share
10 %
Audience share
(individuals 25-64)
Source: Médiamétrie Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion January June 2019 / Guyana April May 2019 / Mayotte April 2019 / New Caledonia September 2018 / Polynesia September October 2018

The 1ères radio stations are generalist radio stations that combine local and national news, talk-shows and music.

Outside the French overseas territories, the 1ère radio stations in the French overseas departments do not broadcast commercial advertising, but sponsorship is authorised throughout the day.

To listen to 1ère radio stations, click here and select the territory of your interest.