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FranceTV Publicité and iligo demonstrate the impact of television in the beauty product buying journey

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FranceTV Publicité is launching Media Impact, a new sectoral analysis format to measure the impact of media and non-media contact points in the consumer buying journey.

The first edition of Media Impact concerns the beauty sector.

FranceTV Publicité worked, in partnership with the consulting firm iligo, on a base of information collected since 2011 concerning beauty product purchasing frequency in the under-50 FPDM (female purchasing decision-maker) target category. In total, more than 500 people were polled via an online questionnaire and 22 contact points were identified (samples, acquaintance recommendation, TV advertising, billboards, etc.).

The analysis reveals the importance of television in the three steps of the buying journey:

  1. Discovering
    68% of people discover a new beauty product through an advertisement broadcast on television. This is the leading media contact point ahead of billboards and the press. Video online advertising is the medium which has the greatest affinity with this target.
  2. Obtaining information
    46% of people obtain information through television advertising.
  3. Deciding
    30% of people decide to buy a beauty product thanks to television. It is the leading media contact point ahead of online video.

Television is therefore the leading media contact point in the beauty product buying journey.

This analysis highlights the values sought by female consumers. Thus, the quality of the content takes precedence in the product “discovery” phase. Confidence is a crucial link in the “information” phase and emotion comes into play in the final phase of “deciding”. These three values, which are an integral part of France Télévisions’ DNA, will give credibility to the message received and allow the journey to continue through to the act of purchase.

FranceTV Publicité intends to deploy its new Media Impact sectoral analysis format on other sectors in the next few months.

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