FranceTV Publicité launches its first segmented TV offerings under the name “”
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FranceTV Publicité is absolutely focused on leading the way in segmented TV

FranceTV Publicité is absolutely focused on leading the way in segmented TV and first worked on this innovative advertising approach in July, alongside Orange and Bouygues Telecom. FranceTV Publicité is therefore delighted to announce the launch of its first offerings in the field, under the name “”.

As a reminder, segmented advertising, which makes it possible to target and personalize advertising messages broadcast live, has been officially authorized for television since the publication of a decree by the French government on 5 August.

FranceTV Publicité offers its advertising partners the opportunity to take part in this groundbreaking TV innovation by launching the first full-scale segmented TV campaigns. These will be in IPTV via Data targeting of the set-top boxes of partner operators Orange and Bouygues Telecom.

FranceTV Publicité’s first “” campaigns will be broadcast in November and December 2020. They are aimed at national and local advertisers who want to capitalize on the opportunities offered by segmented TV, which combines the power of television with precise digital targeting.

“” gives advertisers the chance to place ads on FranceTV channels (France 2, France 3, France 3 Régions, France 5), through the segmenting of operator data (geolocation, household characteristics, etc.) and based on viewers’ media usage*. Targeted ads are purchased at CPM, and are adserved and measured according to digital standards (impressions, completion).


*Only users who have accepted targeted advertising will have access to these ads

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