Une minute pour l’emploi

FranceTV Publicité launches Une minute pour l’emploi, a new infomercial sponsored by Pôle emploi

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The new infomercial created by FranceTV Publicité and the agency Equancy (executive production: Elephant At Work) with Pôle emploi, which will be shown until 27 December 2019, provides advice on a range of employment matters.

France 3 viewers can watch Une minute pour l’emploi at around 8 pm Monday to Friday. 38 different episodes (giving 55 broadcasts) take a light-hearted look at topics as diverse as writing a CV, finding training or sandwich courses and posting a job offer.

As career changes become more common and recruitment rises (up +3.5 points on 2018), Pôle emploi is innovating and reemphasizing its position as an essential provider of solutions and advice to the widest possible audience.

All the infomercials, plus advice sheets, articles and video content, are available on the uneminutepourlemploi.fr website.

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