Guillaume Lacroix

CEO de Brut.

We’ve never seen a crisis quite like this. How has Brut. adapted, from a journalistic and editorial standpoint?

Brut. switched to remote working right from the start, although some of our teams of reporters continued to work on the ground, taking all the necessary protective measures, of course.
This just goes to show that Brut. can adapt to any type of environment – we’ve really proven our agility!

This crisis has also reinforced our focus on the values and mission we share with public service broadcasting. Fake news and misinformation are increasingly prevalent, meaning our role as an information provider is more important than ever. 

And that is why we are seeing more and more young people turn to Brut. for reliable news. Our aim is clear: we want to empower people to understand their environment and the world around them rather than trying to generate yet more opinions and points of view. Recent events have also strengthened the core values we’ve upheld since day one, in particular our commitment to solidarity.

What are the key takeaways from the last few weeks? And what upcoming challenges are on the horizon?

It’s clear today that fewer and fewer people identify with the world presented to them in the public sphere. This process, known as “disintermediation”, has been going on for some time but has been accentuated by the recent crisis. It is therefore imperative, now more than ever, for the media, public institutions and brands to really connect with their audiences, customers and users. From the outset, Brut. has been focused on engaging and connecting with people. It’s what we do, it’s what our content has always been about – giving a voice to newcomers, to those trying to change things in their own way, to all the everyday heroes. 

Recent events have also accentuated another trend: the consumer-citizen conflict. The consumer in all of us sees immediate benefits while the citizen looks at longer-term consequences. Some brands are able to reconcile these two attitudes and it is those brands who will doubtless emerge as the big winners from this crisis. As for Brut., bringing together citizen and consumer is what our business strategy is all about.

In this unprecedented climate, how does Brut. benefit from its long-term partnership with the France Télévisions Group and its advertising network?

Right from the start, the partnership between France Télévisions and Brut. has been about taking the best aspects of two different worlds and bringing them together. And the pandemic has contributed to this happening like never before, by accelerating digitalization, the development of streaming tools, the convergence of content distribution and social interaction. This is where the partnership between France Télévisions and Brut. really comes into its own.

Together, Brut. and France Télévisions stand for the values of a generation that wants to create a better world. We have all the skills, energy and insight needed to tell the story of this new world. We also offer unmatched scale, from television to social networks, as well as expertise in new modes of storytelling and their execution.

Brut. reached 10 million people a day on Facebook during the crisis.

Brut. content video views increased 30% during the lockdown, all platforms combined.

Brut. is the leading Instagram Publisher in Coronavirus-related video views.

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