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FranceTV Publicité launches the French-language version of its new website

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FranceTV Publicité has redesigned its website, making it simpler, more interactive and closer linked to its ADspace buying platform.

The radical new layout uses responsive web design to bring partners of France Télévisions’s advertising sales house the best possible browsing experience. 

It is now structured around seven main sections: Channels and sites, News, Digital, The Lab, Research, About us and Pricing & T&Cs. 

Colour codes make it easy to identify the different menus, which have been simplified for direct access to the content sought by advertisers and media agencies.

A direct link to the ADspace booking and buying service is provided in the homepage header.

An alert system gives the option to receive the latest newsletters and/or pricing information. Interaction is emphasized with direct access to the advertising sales house’s teams and much more news will be shared on social media.

Visitors can access information on over forty TV channels, nearly thirty sites and mobile apps marketed by FranceTV Publicité. 

Features include: News, special offers, innovative formats, brand information (TV, digital, radio), expertise, vacancies, sales terms and conditions, pricing, best cases and the latest key figures.

Coming soon: in the next few weeks, FranceTV Publicité will also launch the English-language version of its website for advertisers outside France.

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