FranceTV Publicité launches « Time », a new offer at CPHv

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No longer pay for printing but for visible exposure time.

The video advertising format (instream & outstream) is now acclaimed by advertisers and should certainly exceed conventional formats in the very near future.

The visibility of these formats has become a prerequisite for the advertising industry, on the other hand, the binary debate “Seen / not seen” in the IAB sense of the term (50% surface / 2 sec), does not really measure the user’s attention to the brand. The duration of visible advertising exposure, however, has an obvious influence on the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

“With these multiple observations, FranceTV Publicité launches a new advertising format called “Time” and a new currency of exchange: the cost per hour visible (CPHv). “ Vincent Salini, Digital Commercial Director of FranceTV Publicité.


The CPHv no longer consists of buying an impression but a visible exposure time cumulated with advertising.

  • Available on PC and mobile web only.
  • Duration: 90 seconds maximum.
  • Outsider Party Certification: Integral Ad Science (IAS).


A 100% UX format, exclusively dedicated to the Cinema, Entertainment and Luxury sectors.

The user is a player in his consumption and decides whether or not to spend the advertisement after 17 seconds of viewing.

If the user wants to stop advertising, a card of 3 seconds appears on the screen. In the opposite case it will be able to view the entirety of the advertisement (maximum duration 90 seconds).

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