• Key figures
10 nd
Catch-up platform
1 M
unique visitors per month2
1 M
videos viewed per month1
10 %
exclusive video users per month3

Source :

1 Médiamétrie eStat – Videos viewed 4 screens (Average Q2 2022)

2 Médiamétrie Netratings – Replay 4 screens (Average Q2 2022)

3 Exclusives vs MyTF1 and 6play on the “15+” target (Q2 2022)


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The entire France Télévisions content in just one dedicated place

Watch all the programmes of France Télévisions live or enjoy their pre-releases or replays. Completely redesigned, with a new interface and a completely personalised experience, aims to “be the 1st free digital media”  through technological innovation

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