JFOODO x FranceTV Publicité

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JFOODO wishes to promote Sake in France: how Sake has become part of Japanese culture, what are the secrets of its production... The aim is to combine Sake with French dishes, particularly seafood-based.


Individuals 18 years and older


A web series of 5 episodes from October to November 2019. On the model of the "Echappées Belles", Sophie Jovillard's program, we discover 5 culinary specialties based on seafood to combine with sake. Through reports, we meet 5 chefs in Paris, specialized in different types of cuisine. An operation with 2 complementary activations:

Web serie « Echappées Belles »
- Run of 5 web episodes on program page Echappées Belles
- Pré-roll 20’’ on France TV Publicité ecosystem to drive traffic on the web episodes
- On “Echappées Belles” fan page or France 5 fan page, 5 web episodes posted once per week

Video brand content Brut
- Production of 3 customized videos length 1 to 2 minutes developed with the brand and integrating the Brut code and in a subtle way the codes of the brand
- Broadcast on Brut Facebook Page


France TV "Echappées Belles" page performances :
- Video views: 218 595

Facebook performances:
- 130 500 people reached
- 41 500 video views

Brut performances:
- 1,5 million video views

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