“Dans La Roue du Tour” with Continental, Leclerc and Skoda

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Stand out among all other Tour de France partners and create a brand preference through engaging special operations on one of the world's most publicized sporting events.


Men 25-59 age group


- After the first two years in 2019 & 2020, "Dans la Roue du Tour" was back for the 2021 Tour de France; in partnership with Skoda and Leclerc.
- Creation of a web series "Dans la Roue du Tour" giving a journalism student, passionate about cycling, the opportunity to discover the Tour de France from behind the scenes with francetvsport for a unique experience.
- In year 1, the launch contest was relayed over Francetvsport's social networks as well as directly to French journalism schools. Guillaume, a journalism student in Toulouse (and now a journalist) was selected from among many candidates and was able to follow the Tour de France from behind the scenes for 3 seasons! What’s in the series: the newsroom preparations for such an event, meetings with the riders, the story behind the different stages, following the Tour caravan...
- All the episodes were integrated natively and partner brands were hosted on a page dedicated to "Dans la Roue du Tour" on the France.tv website and streamed across Francetvsport social networks as well as on IPTV.
- The episodes also plunge us into the heart of the worlds of partner brands with unique immersion aboard the Leclerc caravan and the discovery of the progressive transition to electric vehicles for the fleet of cars used during the race with Skoda.


12 new episodes in season 3
- Home page presence on France.tv + pre-roll before each video on the dedicated space: + 800k video views / pre-roll impressions +34% impressions vs. initial engagement
- 14,300,000 Home page logo impressions +43% impressions vs. initial engagement
- 130M reached via TV chyron +18% impressions vs. initial engagement Social media:
- Nearly 2.2M reached via Facebook posts with handshake