“Echappées Parfumées” with Taureau Ailé

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- Establish Taureau Ailé as a premium brand by creating its own communications platform around travel and world cuisine.


- 35+ yo Upper socio-professional categories


- Creation of a web series "Echappées Parfumées" in association with the "Echappées Belles” brand, a reference travel program on the world’s great escapes, hosted by Sophie Juvillard
- 5 episodes hosted on a branded channel on France.tv mixing archive images of the program and stories of Sophie Juvillard’s travel memories centered around cooking and travel. Each video highlights 5 rice-based culinary specialties from different parts of the world (Cambodia, Camargue, Thailand...)
- Episodes edited into 60-sec, 30-sec and 15-sec formats for streaming on IPTV, enriched pre-roll and on the "Echappées Belles" social networks


- 1 million video views on social networks + 6.5M impressions
- Spectacular click-through rate on the enriched pre-roll (17% vs. benchmarks at 6%)
- Very positive engagement with the "Echappées Belles" community