“6ème Set” (with Peugeot and Engie – Season 3)

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Stand out and create a brand preference via engaging special operations for the iconic Parisian tournament


M/W 25-59 age group


For the 3rd consecutive season, we followed Alizé Lim behind the scenes of the iconic Parisian tournament in a playful and dynamic way: Padel avec Tony Parker, Tour du Monde végétal à Roland-Garros, Sur la chaise de l’arbitre, Aux origines de Roland-Garros…


- 10 new episodes in season 3
- Home page presence on France.tv + pre-roll before each video on the dedicated space: + 1M video views / pre-roll impressions
- 6,215,000 Home page logo impressions +24% impressions vs. initial engagement
- 48M reached via TV chyron +9% impressions vs. initial engagement
- Social media: + 1.3M reached via Facebook posts with handshake