Shoppers’ Target efficiency

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Behavioral targeting rivals classic TV media planning

Segmented TV advertising is the latest buzzword and TV/Video packages have been a staple of audiovisual groups for several years now. So does this make socio-demographic groups advertisers’ best purchasing targets?

Since 2012, FranceTV Publicité has been pioneering behavioral targets in the FMCG sector, based on viewers’ actual purchases. We note that socio-demographic targeting may miss out on 50% of potential buyers.

In 2018, convinced of behavioral targets’ efficacy, FranceTV Publicité and TF1 Pub pooled their resources to help clarify the situation and make life easier for advertisers. However, at that stage the performance of behavioral targets still needed to be measured.

A large-scale econometric study was carried out alongside Kantar Worldpanel to measure the incremental revenue generated by behavioral targets (shoppers) versus socio-demographic targets.

The results leave no room for doubt:

  • 92% of campaigns are more effective on shoppers
  • On average, behavioral targeting doubles revenue per 1,000 contacts

80 shopper targets are now available via media planning.