2022 French Open: FranceTV Publicité unveils its offerings

From May 22 to June 5, 2022, France Télévisions will be mobilizing all of its channels to offer the French public exceptional coverage of the world’s biggest tennis tournament on clay. As a long-time partner, France Télévisions will, once again, propose more direct free-to-air broadcasts with a start time of 11 a.m.  

The French Open is a unique opportunity for advertisers to associate their brand with one of the world’s most watched sporting events. Premium, emergence, new writing and responsibility are at the heart of FranceTV Publicité’s 2022 French Open offerings.

Nearly 40 million French people* watched the French Open last year on France Télévisions and 

20 million videos** were viewed on the group’s platforms.

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Sources: * Médiamétrie – Restit’TV, 60 non-consecutive seconds, 4 y.o+ / ** Médiamétrie – estat

FranceTV Publicité boasts nearly 18 million monthly viewers of its thematic channels and is now in the top three thematic advertising networks, following Médiamat’Thématik’s publication of their ‘Wave 42’ survey on Tuesday, March 8 (September 2021- Febuary 2022).

FranceTV Publicité is the number 1 TV advertising network for kids*, reaching over 2 million viewers aged 4-10 (51.7% of the target).

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Source: Médiamétrie Médiamat’Thématik V42 (30/08/2021- 13/02/2022) / Reach in % calculated on the basis of individuals aged 4 and over receiving television via satellite, ADSL, cable or optical fibre.

2022 – France 24 new operation to come: Branded Article

For this new year, France 24 will soon introduce a brand-new advertising operation, the Branded Article.

With a video, photos or even a podcast, advertisers will be able to enjoy a dedicated partners page to include a native article with various creations of their choosing. To make it accessible to the largest number, several levels will be available for all budgets.  

An additional special exposure device will be deployed around the article to make it even more visible in the France 24 digital universe and ensure our advertisers the best visibility.

Stay tuned for the launch of this exclusive device deployed in the heart of a trusted C-suites environment and a fast-growing digital ecosystem (+28% monthly visits vs 2018).

« France24 invites you to be more curious about the countries you don’t hear about »


The series and fiction of France Télévisions in 2022

The public service, the leading investor in fiction with 285 million euros invested over the season, now offers at least five evenings of fiction per week on the group’s channels.

After having committed itself to the place of women directors, France Télévisions is launching a new collection of more than 7 projects, Les “Audacieuses”, devoted to the great figures and heroines who, through their career, their courage or their transgression, have left their mark on history.

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