TV5 Monde

  • Key figures
10 M
weekly viewers
1 M
households reach worldwide in more than 200 countries and territories

Available in more than 3.5 million hotel rooms worldwide

TV5MONDE is the international general-interest channel!  

With 9 regional feeds subtitled in 14 languages. 

The channel offers programs for everyone: information, culture, documentaries, sports, fiction, entertainment, youth….. original productions or France Télévision programs, it carries the Francophonie in its DNA and makes it known throughout the world.

9 TV5MONDE feeds in the world with dedicated programs for each zone :

  • TV5MONDE Africa
  • TV5MONDE Maghreb-Orient 
  • TV5MONDE Europe
  • TV5MONDE France-Belgium-Switzerland (FBS)
  • TV5MONDE Brazil
  • TV5MONDE Latin America
  • TV5MONDE Asia
  • TV5MONDE Pacific
  • TV5 MONDE Canada


Focus : France-Belgium-Switzerland (FBS)

  • Key figures
3 M
viewers each month
1 %
growth in upper socio-professional categories vs. 6 months

Strong affinity with 5O years and + (ind.186)

Source: Médiamat’Thématik V40 / Global audience / Coverage base 4+ / Evolution vs. survey 39 /

Profile by age base 4+, by category base 15+ / Affinity and gender base 15+


Target Thematic Packs: Premium and Women

Broadcasted by:

Bouygues, Canal, Free, Numericable, Orange, SFR