ecosystem X FranceTV Publicité

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Support Ecosystem in launching its new brand identity, underpinned by a dynamic media group with high level citizen endorsement.


General public / 25-59 age group


Creation of a series of 5 x 60-second films featuring France Télévisions group presenters. These films showcase the organization’s new graphic elements: new name, new base line and new furnishings. Each film provides simple and well-sourced information in an educational way, highlighting the importance of recycling various everyday household appliances. All 5 productions were broadcast on radio and digitally. The broadcasting strategy focuses entirely on digital screen displays after 8PM on TV (France 2, France 3 and France 5), a digital IPTV + pre-roll duo on Green Spirit data target, and off-screen as a radio bonus (France Inter + France Bleu). Finally, to complete the package and reach young adults, 5 videos were produced and broadcasted on Brut.


125 TV GRPs issued to the 25-59 age group. Excellent approval score from the French public: 85% + 3 points on spontaneous awareness => leader in terms of spontaneous awareness among the organizations cited by the French public, + 9 points on assisted awareness. Strong positioning and heightened visibility in this competitive environment.