2019 Brand Content Video / Brut x Folio – Featuring Cyrus North

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Promotion of the new FOLIO+LYCEE collection, launched in September 2019. The collection is designed to help high school students, particularly those currently in their penultimate year, prepare for the new French Baccalaureate exams in 2020.


Present and future high school students, parents.


A 90-second-long brand content video streamed on Brut’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, in partnership with FOLIO. Cyrus North, known for his YouTube videos that make philosophy accessible to all, summarizes Phèdre and FOLIO’s new collection is presented, seamlessly integrating the brand into the heart of the video.


754,000 total Facebook, Twitter, Instagram video views 35,000 interactions (reactions, comments, shares, retweets)