Trace Ayiti

Trace Ayiti is the world’s first channel to exclusively broadcast Haitian music and culture.

Trace Ayiti is the world’s first channel to focus on Haitian music and culture in all its diversity.

A unique offer, adapted to the tastes of locals and the diaspora.

From Compas to Rasin, from the new Raps by Kreyol & Radobay to pop and Haitian Gospel. The channel offers a rich content with top videos, interviews, magazine, concerts and documentaries on Haitian culture and artists (local and diaspora).

Target audiences:

  • Core target audience: fans of Haitian music and culture
  • Demographic group: individuals 13-49

Languages :

  • French
  • English
  • Creole

Broadcasting platforms:

  • 24/24 – 7/7
  • 16:9 / HD or SD
  • Canalsat Caraïbes services & bouquet #173
  • Traceplay
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