Let’s give more space to Responsibility
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Marianne Siproudhis, CEO of FranceTV Publicité, presented the advertising network’s commitments for 2021 this morning. FranceTV Publicité’s goal this year is to create “More space(s) for Responsibility”.

FranceTV Publicité is continuously making adjustments and innovating to be in sync with its clients and help them promote their environmental and employment initiatives. It is moving towards greater flexibility and agility to support advertisers and their partners, and is creating a visual environment that highlights advertising space dedicated to environmentally and socially responsible messages and products.

FranceTV Publicité has chosen Responsibility as a major priority in its strategy, and, as this new year starts, is launching 10 initiatives in which the network:

1) Offers an opportunity to advertisers to easily reserve their campaigns thanks to the “J-1” (“D-1”) initiative, which allows any new campaign to be broadcast on the very next day on all of France Télévisions Group’s channels.

2) Makes “Exclusives” available to the network’s partners every Wednesday: new premium offers, renewed every week, for TV and Digital.

3) Supports businesses in difficulty in the Travel and Tourism, Culture and Entertainment, and Restaurant and Food Services sectors by granting them more flexibility and no-cost cancellations and deferrals throughout the public health crisis.

4) Makes TV accessible starting at €5,000 with the launch of the “ADspace entreprises” (“Business ADspace”) offer dedicated to SMEs, which is now added to the space reservation and purchasing platform called ADspace. “ADspace Entreprises” means simplified, autonomous purchasing, support with the creation of advertising spots, and online payment.

5) Shares risks and is an advertising network responsible for the effectiveness of its clients’ campaigns with the “ROI Partenaire” (“Partner ROI”) offer, committed to its advertisers and to ROI objectives.

6) Rewards businesses committed to sustainability and certified by recognized labels and charters (Nutriscore A/B, Label AB, 1% for the Planet, etc.) thanks to the “Entreprises Labellisées” (“Certified Businesses”) offer, which boosts their visibility and offers preferential prices.

7) Gives a voice to businesses so they can talk about their responsible initiatives in dedicated slots thanks to the “Territoire Responsable” (“Responsible Territory”) offer.

8) Promotes businesses that protect the environment with distinctive “Green Spirit” slots, announced by a theme-based jingle and reserved for environment-friendly brands and products.

9) Spotlights businesses that are hiring during this difficult period by way of the “Priorité Emploi” (“Job Priority”) offers in access mode.

10) Offers brands an opportunity to sponsor France Télévisions’s eco-produced programs, via the “Sponso 100% Eco Prod” offer, with bumpers produced by FranceTV Publicité’s Lab* in accordance with the Ecoprod Charter.

Marianne Siproudhis also talked about the implementation of the AKOUO (“listen” in Greek) platform within FranceTV Publicité’s Marketing Department to identify and understand better consumer expectations using artificial intelligence. Among the topics identified for 2021: the car of the future, diet and healthier eating, and beauty care based on natural products.

Additions have been made to the Marketing Department’s offering for 2021 thanks to partnerships with leading research institutes:

  • Crédoc: implementation of a new observatory on CSR (1,000 interviews in three countries: France, Sweden and the US), with a pre- and post-COVID analysis,
  • Ipsos: an exclusive study on confidence/trust (definition, changes in fundamentals, new figures in the realm of confidence and trust in four major business sectors and the media).

Finally, FranceTV Publicité, as a company, applies these corporate social responsibility principles internally. For 2021, the network confirms and broadens its commitment to the ecological transition through its action plan to reduce greenhouse gases in accordance with the Paris Agreement goals. With the support of the EcoAct firm, FranceTV Publicité will implement a systematic calculation of its carbon footprint.

* Lab : The unit dedicated to FranceTV Publicité’s special initiatives

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