FranceTV Publicité ramps up its addressable TV initiatives
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FranceTV Publicité ramps up its addressable TV initiatives

Addressable TV advertising, which allows targeting and personalization of messages broadcast live, has been authorized on French television since August 5, 2020. One year after becoming the first advertising network to broadcast addressable TV commercials, FranceTV Publicité is delighted to report a positive and promising performance. by FranceTV Publicité : a high-performance offering

Thanks to its agreements with Orange, Bouygues Telecom and SFR, FranceTV Publicité is the only advertising network able to reach 4.8 million households, i.e. 18% of French households, via its three channels: France 2, France 3 and France 5.


Optimized targeting

FranceTV Publicité is committed to ensuring target homogeneity among operators. Today, more than 190 targets are available in three segment families: geolocation, household qualification and TV consumption. For its part, the advertising network has launched three new specific local targets:

  • Living areas (the economic hubs of the territories)
  • Travel time (isochronous target)
  • Weather data (activation of a zone according to sensitive weather criteria).

In addition, there are exclusive data targets linked to the consumption of its programs such as “La Maison des Maternelles” Fans and its cultural programs.


Increased accessibility

FranceTV Publicité took a new step forward last summer with the launch of ADspace entreprises, which makes TV accessible to all VSEs and SMEs.

In this way, the advertising network continues to capitalize on its territorial presence and local know-how as well as on its innovation strategy, which has been focused on simplifying customer relations for several years.

ADspace entreprises platform allows advertisers which are relatively unfamiliar with the TV medium to create a targeted campaign from A to Z, simply, quickly and independently.

Finally, thanks to an unprecedented partnership with Adcleek, a leading player in optimized and automated media campaign buying for brand networks, FranceTV Publicité is making local TV buying more accessible and simpler.


Addressable TV at FranceTV Publicité in a few figures:

  • + 100 addressable TV campaigns already broadcast on France Télévisions channels.
  • + 16 loyal advertisers, 3 of whom have already run at least 3 campaigns (Prévifrance, Solimut and Boursorama).
  • Advertisers who have tested addressable TV come from a wide variety of sectors, particularly tourism industry. Addressable TV campaigns are sold by both national and local sales teams, with the latter accounting for 60% of sales since launch.
  • The majority of targeting is geographic over the year (60% geographic only). However, in recent months, more and more non-geographic targeting has been activated.

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