Marianne Siproudhis

CEO of FranceTV Publicité

You are changing, so is advertising.

At FranceTV Publicité, we believe that a sustainable world is possible, and we want to build that world together. We have heard what our viewers, advertisers and agency clients want, and in 2022 we’ll be accelerating the changes already put in place. We’re stepping up our initiatives to this effect: twice as many “green” ad slots will be available, and our carbon impact and campaign efficiency measurement services are being strengthened. We firmly believe that advertising has a role to play in addressing new corporate responsibility challenges.

Let me assure you that we are committed to working with you for a greener world.

Responsible advertising accounted for almost 20% of the turnover generated by FranceTV Publicité in 2021* 

In 2022, FranceTV Publicité will increase its “green” ad slots twofold to encourage responsible TV advertising

FranceTV Publicité aims to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2030

*Responsible advertising refers to brands, products and services that have less impact on the environment and/or promote ethical initiatives.

Photo of Marianne Siproudhis by Virginie Bonnefon

© Pexels